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Lei Liang is a contemporary Chinese oil painter for landscape, peony, portrait, stairs and still life art in Beijing.
His creative subjects include 5 types. First of all, he loves Chinese landscape art (mountain and water, mountain-water, sanshui), in which he expressed his passion and enthusiasm for the world, the society, the human relations, and his own experiences. Second, the Chinese traditional peony painting (flower and bird, floral, flore, plant) is also his painting subject. Third, like Van Gogh, Modigliani and Picasso, he painted his self-portraits, as well as other figures, Chinese nude/naked girl, woman, female model (called by critics "sensual, seductive oomph"). The fourth is his painting of stairs, apartment, house and building. The last one is his still life, abstract painting.
He often discusses artistic issues and projects with contemporary Chinese artists as Chen Danqing, Cui Guotai, Yang Feiyun, Ai Xuan, Jin Shangyi, Jia Youfu, Fan Di'an, Yin Shuangxi, Leng Jun, Ye Nan, Zhang Yuan, Luo Shiping, Lei Ziren, Tang Hui, Sun Weimin, Yi Ying, Sui Jianguo, Fan Zen, Shi Chong, Ma Gang, Cui Zimo, Jiang Guofang, Shang Yang; Wang Guangyi, Zen Fanzhi, Fang Lijun, Zhou Chunya, Zhang Xiaogang, He Duoling, Yue Minjun, Zhang Peili, Ma Liuming, Qi Zhilong, Li Xianting. They are art professors at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts (Hanzhou), Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (university/college/school) as well as Beijing 798 Art Zone District and Songzhuang Village. Among these masters' studios one finds realistic, romantic, impressionist, expressionist, abstract, surrealistic artworks/masterpieces, using oil, acrylic, wash and ink on canvas, rice paper sculpture, pottery, ceramics.
Art resources: art investment, fund, fondation, capitals, investor; decoration of house plan, maison improvement/service, apartment environment, family advisor, hotel, restaurant, dinning hall, sitting room, bedroom, interior designer, blueprints, wall hanging, property maintenance, office decoration, portfolio, real estate, architecture, domestic renaissance, China-themed gifts, fashion, lifestyle, furniture, antique, Feng Shui, mural deco.

Chinese Artist Workshop provides the following services:
Subjects: landscape, mountain-water, peony, flower, flore, floral, portrait, figure, female nude, stairs, houses, building, still life, abstract styles.
Styles: classical, traditional, modern, contemporary, realistic, romantic, impressionist, expressionist, abstract, surrealistic, dreamscape, culture.
Professionals/experts: oil painters, wash and ink artist, decorators, designers, dealers, agents, collectors, collection, collectible, auction houses.
Decoration: fine arts and crafts, house plans, home deco/improvement, apartment planning advisor, interior decorating, hall, bedroom, sitting room, dinning room, living room, corridor, wall hangings, environment, offices, hotels, restaurants, corporate spaces, acrylic, architecture.
Lei Liang Chinese Oil Painting Studio
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